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A new standard in clinically proven performance

For injury and post-op recovery, Game Ready® sets a new standard in clinically proven performance – all backed by extremely positive patient satisfaction.

The Med4 Elite® and GRPro® 2.1 Systems both offer more therapeutic benefits compared to traditional, passive RICE applications, working dynamically to help patients and athletes recover. And the revolutionary Med4 Elite System goes further, integrating four proven therapeutic modalities to help people return to their best as quickly as possible after injury or surgery.

This means evidence-based improvements in outcomes for patients and greater care satisfaction for providers. This is recovery re-engineered.

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Faster, Deeper-Penetrating, Longer-Lasting Cold

Game Ready’s active compression squeezes greater benefits out of cold therapy alone. Game Ready’s anatomic, circumferential wraps envelope the injury or surgery site and then conform to the contours of the body with pneumatic compression, assuring better surface contact and thus more effective cooling. Head-to-head infrared thermal imagery shows that Game Ready provides faster, deeper, and longer-lasting therapy than other products.

Game Ready thermal imagery featuring treatment with GRPro 2.1 system. Side views shown. First skin temperature measurement immediately treatment after 30 minutes of treatment, subsequent images at 10 and 30 minutes post-treatment. All devices applied per manufacturer’s instructions and all measurements taken from uniform distance. All devices applied on different days allowing full recovery for test subject.

"“A revolutionary combination of evidence-based modality and best-practice protocol.”


Positive Patient Satisfaction

In ongoing surveys, >9700 patients report that Game Ready*…


Provided a better post-op recovery than a previous surgery using a different cold therapy.


Helped reduce the amount of pain medication they took or enabled them to stop taking meds sooner.


Glad their physician or medical provider offered Game Ready as an option for recovery.

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