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About Zamst

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Zamst reinforces and protects athletes by providing premium technical products derived from innovative materials, designs and manufacturing processes.

Zamst is a brand of braces, supports and care products for athletes, created in 1993 by NIPPON Sigmax Co., Ltd., a medical device manufacturer who has been developing and manufacturing products for the orthopedics field for 45 years. Our mission has always been to offer products and services that will help prevent injuries and improve athletic performance by incorporating the knowledge and advice of sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and other professionals, as well as listening to athletes themselves. Quality and functionality are the reasons many top athletes, both professional and amateur, use our products.

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Zamst Advantage


Pursue appropriate conditions in accordance with the intended use

With the spread of compression tights, the term “compression” has become common. Therefore, support items that we offer also use “compression by wearing clothes and other items” as a function.

People can obtain a sense of stability and reassurance by moderately compressing unstable joints.
It is also important to control the ligaments and tendons damaged by the injury gently by compression to relieve stress during exercise.
Compression under appropriate conditions is also used to control the blood flow, lymph, and other fluid circulation.


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