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Why STOPAIN® CLINICAL Pain Relieving Products?

Stopain® Clinical’s fast-acting formula delivers fast, temporary relief from minor muscle and joint aches and pains associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Formulated with the proven pain-relieving benefits of menthol (10%), it also contains dimethylsulfone (MSM) and glucosamine to support joint health and mobility.



Stopain® Clinical contains twice as much Menthol as Biofreeze Professional Gel and Roll-On.

Stopain Clinical vs. Biofreeze Professional

Quality Ingredients

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients combined with 10% total menthol, MSM, and Glucosamine provide an optimized topical pain relief experience.

Innovative Topical Technology

Cutting edge polymer technology provides the clinician and patient with maximum performance pain relief as a result of its penetration enhancers and sweat resistant technology.

Superior Application

Combination of skin moisturizers and a proprietary gel formulation leave the skin moisturized and clear of any residue making it the ideal solution for use with complementary therapies i.e. kinesiology tape, massage devices, and other soft tissue tools.

Soothing Gel

Stopain Clinical Gel goes on smooth and clean, and penetrates quickly for fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief.
  • Fast-acting pain relief in all applications
  • Clear gel leaves no residue
  • Soothing skin conditioners


Stopain Clinical Roll-On provides a hands-free soothing applicator ideal for self-massage.
  • Hands-free application
  • Add pressure while applying to massage sore muscles
  • Easy on-the-go pain relief

Continuous Spray

Stopain Clinical 360° continuous spray delivers pain relief right where you need it with no rubbing required!
  • Works at any angle
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas
  • Great with kinesiology tape