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Changing limits into potential.

Zamst reinforces and protects athletes by providing premium technical products derived from innovative materials, designs and manufacturing processes.

Welcome to the world of z-creation

Did you know that the effectiveness of tape diminishes by 40% after 10 minutes of exercise? And the total cost to tape is more than $600/athlete over a single season! Save 46% with Zamst vs taping!

The art of creating a great design is in the details. When designing products for elite athletes, human mechanics must be taken into account as much as the functional benefits. Our products allow for enhanced performance through “freedom of movement” design and lightweight fabrications, while protecting athletes from sport specific injuries. Attaining an appreciation for our “art of design” is visually seeing how we adapt to enhance the human mechanics, and protect our bodies.


Support wrist from the intense movement of racket sports. New-generation support with ultra-thin films. Provide a sense of stability.


Light compression and protection of the ankle. Suitable for football (soccer) and many other sports. Easier and quicker to apply than the athletic tape and bandage.